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  • 07 Jan 2018 8:35 PM | Anonymous member

    CS Lead Planner will develop Communications Strategy, managing a 4-person team with knowledge of international relations, Northeast Asia regional expertise, Korean language proficiency, planning, Exercise and contingency support, computer graphic design, magazine and collateral print media production, MOP and MOE analysis, Key Leader Engagement (KLE) and Spheres of Influence administration, political- military expertise, collection, research, and analysis of CS relevant information on all domains, and problem solving.  The Contractor shall accomplish the above services in a dynamic environment, often event driven, that uses multiple venues and media to communicate USFK Commander’s objectives and messages to a variety of relevant audiences. The goal is to maintain a comprehensive understanding of the regional pol-mil and information environments to inform the communications strategy and provide the right message, of the right content, at the right time to the right audience. Coordinates and synchronizes UNC/CFC/USFK CS initiatives within the headquarters staff and service components, and with DOD, USJCS, USPACOM, ROK MND, and ROKJCS. Coordinate UNC/CFC/USFK actions with PACOM, the ROK JCS, and the ROK/US interagency community. 

    Please respond directly to:

    Steven Mains, PhD
    CEO, TechMIS, LLC
    Direct: +1 757-814-3598
    Skype: sjmains 

  • 04 Oct 2017 3:47 PM | Anonymous member
    1.     Role Purpose
    A Washington D.C. based embassy is seeking a Head of Scheduling and Planning for its executive level staff.   The Head of Scheduling and Planning will provide timely and proactive management of all aspects of the Ambassador’s official schedule. The Head of Scheduling and Planning will combine administrative and representational duties. The Head of Scheduling and Planning will also work closely with the heads of function within the Embassy.
    2.     Key Accountability

    ·       Manage every aspect of the Ambassador’s daily, short term, and long term agenda

    ·       Assist with the management and coordination of Embassy-wide projects and initiatives, as coordinated by the Chief of Staff

    ·       Develop processes for effective follow-up and collaboration within the Embassy- with the Ambassador’s Advisory Team, the US government, Congress, think tanks, NGOs, and the public at large

    ·       Evaluate on an ongoing basis, the scheduling operations and workflow within the Embassy

    ·       Recommend and implement ‘best practices’ for scheduling that incorporates technology and marketing needs

    ·        Take full ownership of planning the Ambassador’s and Senior Advisors’ schedules weeks in advance

    ·       Update and reprioritize the schedule as advised and seen best

    ·       Coordinate said agenda with the Chief Security Officer.

    ·       Seek opportunities to optimize and improve efficiency among senior staff schedules that include the Ambassador and other visiting government officials

    ·       Represent Embassy staff and agenda with poise and professionalism

    ·       Keep embassy staff abreast of all scheduling activities and requests.

    ·       Prepare detailed itineraries for the Ambassador, including contact names, numbers and locations.

    ·       Synchronize embassy events in conjunction with the Head of Communications & Monitoring, Social Secretary, Senior Protocol Officer, and security staff

    ·       Ensure that the Ambassador is provided germane briefing materials prior to each event in coordination with pertinent embassy staff.

    ·       Receive from junior staff briefs on incoming correspondence via phone, email and relay pertinent information to relevant senior staff

    ·       Maintain a database of invitations-accepted, declined and pending

    ·       Maintain the Ambassador’s files/databases to include travel documentation, contact correspondence, and relevant meeting notes.

    ·       Coordinate travel for the Ambassador’s family including security and trip itineraries.

    ·       Perform duties as needed.

    3.     Qualifications
    • ·       Bachelor’s Degree in relevant field (e.g Business Administration, Public Relations, Communications)
    • ·       Experience working in highly regarded institution in government or international affairs sector with strong connections in Washington, DC and elsewhere
    • ·       Ability to motivate and manage junior staff
    • ·       Strong telephone, organizational and filing skills and oral and written communication skills
    • ·       Ability to exercise discretion and independent judgment with respect to prioritization of and recommendations on appointments
    • ·       Thoroughness and careful attention to detail
    • ·       Ability to work cooperatively and courteously with others
    4.     Experience
    • ·       7+ years of office experience in a similar role
    • ·       Prior experience in making travel reservations and arrangements
    • ·       Expert knowledge of Microsoft Office applications, and office administration, policies & practices
    • ·       Fluent in English
    • ·       Preference given to applicants with proficiency in Arabic
  • 27 Sep 2017 2:32 AM | Anonymous member

    Position Title: US Air Force Security Cooperation Training Manager

    Location:  Joint Base McGuire, New Jersey

    Travel: 10% 

    Description of Work:   Develop country aviation training plans for develop 818th Mobility Support Advisory Squadron (MSAS) that support U.S. Africa Command (USAFRICOM) Theater Campaign Plan (TCP), Air Forces Air Forces Africa Command (AFAF) Country Engagement Plan, and Department of State (DoS) Country Plan security cooperation objectives.  Country training plans shall include a baseline assessment of partner nation capability, the recommended training programs to reach desired end states, time-phased milestones (including entry and exit criteria), and proposed Measures of Performance and Measures of Effectiveness (MOE) to monitor and assess program stability and progress towards reaching the desired end state.


    - Undergraduate or Masters degree (Masters degree is preferable) in international affairs or international affairs-related field. 

    -Working knowledge in international affairs, security cooperation, or GCC staff at the Number Air Force (NAF) or MAJCOM level. Experience in the USAFRICOM AOR preferred. 

    -Knowledge and skills to develop and document detailed training requirements with specified skill set(s).  Skills and knowledge include recent practical working experience with USAF security assistance training programs (SATP), policies and procedures, knowledge of USAF aviation and aircraft systems training methodologies, intergovernmental working relations between Department of State (DoS)/Department of Defense (DoD)/Embassies to develop, define, plan and or monitor international training.

    - Possess a secret clearance. 

    - Ten years of experience working at Department of Defense (DoD), Department of State (DoS) or ten (10) years’ experience working International Programs at other USG agencies designated for building partnerships and partner capacity with foreign nations.

    -Contractor personnel shall have a working knowledge and remain current with the latest version of WINDOWS (e.g. XP), and Microsoft applications (e.g. Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, Project, and Visio).

    -French language proficiency preferred

    Contact information:  Miklos Kiss, Advanced Concepts and Technologies International, LLC, 1.703.975.7928 // mkiss@act-i.com

  • 27 Sep 2017 1:59 AM | Anonymous member

    Position Title: Attaché Instructor

    FAOA sponsor, Peduzzi Associates, Ltd., is looking for former Attachés who have successfully completed one or more attaché tours and hold current TS/SCI clearance that are interested in providing Instructor support to the Joint Military Attaché School. 

    Interested? Email your résumé to rick.brackett@peduzziassociates.com

  • 29 Aug 2017 12:01 PM | Anonymous member
    The Senior Protocol Officer is responsible for leading and overseeing all event planning and official guests hosting activities. The Senior Protocol Officer coordinates with the Social Secretary and Advance Person, and works closely with the Ambassador’s Scheduling Officer and Head of Communications Monitoring to ensure that all events and outreach activities are in line with protocol best practices. This is a position for a Middle Eastern embassy in Washington, DC
    1.     Key Accountability

    Protocol Advice

    • ·       Provide advice on formalities and courtesies that need to be observed during Embassy Leadership and foreign visitors’ official visit
    • ·       Coordinate with Head of Communications and Monitoring to ensure that the Ambassador’s messaging, press releases, and public appearances are in line with protocol best practices
    • ·       Support Scheduling Officer in responding to invitations and identifying substitutes for Ambassador

    Foreign Visit Planning

    • ·       Collaborate with Head of Communications and Monitoring, the schedule of foreign visitors, provided by the Social Secretary
    • ·       Coordinate approval of facilities proposed by the Social Secretary (e.g. hotel for foreign visitors)
    • ·       Ensure that foreign visitors’ schedule does not suffer from complications and delays

    Event Planning

    • ·       Oversee overall planning of Ambassador’s official events
    • ·       Review and provide feedback on guest lists, event location, dress code, and seating plan proposed by Social Secretary
    • ·       Review and approve order of speakers (if applicable) proposed by Social Secretary
    • ·       Be present on the ground during events to ensure that official guests are properly greeted and resolve any bottlenecks

    Ambassador’s Trips Abroad

    • ·       Review the Ambassador's trip briefs proposed by Social Secretary and ensure alignment with protocol standards
    • ·       Ensure, through the Advance Person, that Ambassador’s seating and greeting are in line with protocol guidelines
    2.     Qualifications
    • ·       Bachelor’s Degree in a related field (e.g., Public Relations, Communications)
    • ·       Political Science or International Affairs Studies are highly preferred
    3.     Experience
    • ·       10+ years’ experience as protocol specialist
    • ·       Proven experience in hands-on event planning and team management
    • ·       Proficiency in Arabic and English
  • 28 Aug 2017 2:07 PM | Anonymous member
    1.     Role Purpose
    The Head of Communications and Monitoring manages the media and public relations functions within the Ambassador’s Office. He monitors US and Middle East media, coordinates public relations activities and provides timely and concise media analysis and reporting to the Ambassador.  In coordination with the Embassy Information Office and the PR and Campaign Advisor, the Head of Communications and Monitoring plans, executes and oversees the Ambassador’s media events, speech drafting and spokesperson functions on behalf of the Ambassador and with various media outlets.
    2.     Key Accountability
    ·       Maintain oversight and accountability of Ambassador Office public relations activities·       Monitor and communicate the Ambassador’s messaging on social media·       Review and finalize Ambassador speeches, talking points, press releases, and remarks·       Manage and supervise spokesperson functions ·       Continuously monitor and provide media and PR analysis for the Ambassador’s information requirements. ·       Operate core functions within the Ambassador’s Situation Room concerning media and social media analysis and analytics
    3.     Qualifications
    • ·       Master’s Degree in Communications, Public Affairs or a related discipline
    • ·       Public Affairs, Public Diplomacy, or Public Relations certification preferred
    4.     Experience
    • ·       15+ years’ experience in media monitoring, public relations, public affairs, and strategic communications in the private or government sector.
    • ·       Previous experience leading and managing a communications or PR team
    • ·       In-depth knowledge of the US media operating environment
    ·       Experience leveraging media analytics tools
  • 28 Aug 2017 2:04 PM | Anonymous member

    The Advance Person is responsible for traveling to a specific destination to arrange the Ambassador’s accommodation, meetings, and personal security. The Advance Person also ensures that event/meeting that the Ambassador is attending is in line with protocol guidelines. The Advance Person works closely with the Social Secretary, as well as the Scheduling Officer and Security Personnel.    

    1.     Key Accountability
    • ·       Travel to event site before Ambassador’s scheduled visit and meet with event manager(s) to go through schedule and ensure that Ambassador’s greeting and seating are in line with protocol guidelines
    • ·       Coordinate with site security personnel and Ambassador’s Chief of Security to ensure that Ambassador is provided with optimal level of security
    • ·       Organize Ambassador’s pickups and drop-offs
    • ·       Inspect the hotel that Ambassador will be staying in to make sure that room and amenities are up to level
    • ·       Book conference/meeting area at event location if required by Ambassador and ensure that visitors are properly greeted and taken care of during their time with Ambassador (e.g. get catering company or hotel to provide food and coffee for visitors)
    1.     Qualifications
    • ·       Bachelor’s Degree in a related field
    2.     Experience
    • ·       5+ years’ experience as advance person or event planner
    • ·       Proficiency in English
    • ·       Preference will go to candidates proficient in Arabic
  • 28 Aug 2017 2:00 PM | Anonymous member

    The Social Secretary is responsible for managing the Ambassador’s social calendar, including official and unofficial dinners, receptions, invitations and RSVPs, and guest lists. The Social Secretary also prepares birthday/condolence notes, and gifts on behalf of the Ambassador and assists in developing the Ambassador’s trip briefs. The Social Secretary is required to work closely with his/her direct reports, Advance Person and Scheduling Officer, as well as the Senior Protocol Officer, PR & Media Relations Specialists, and Security Personnel.    

    Social Calendar

    • ·       Manage Ambassador’s social calendar, including official and unofficial dinners, receptions and other events outside of official meetings.  Maintains invitation/RSVP log, and Residence-hosted guest lists. Prepares invitation decision-memos for Ambassador’s decision on attendance.

    Visit Planning

    • ·       Assists in planning for Ambassador’s guests and coordinates Ambassador’s schedule with trip planners. Works closely with Senior Protocol Officer, Scheduler, Advance Person, Social and Cultural Team, and PR & Communications to ensure synchronized planning.
    • ·       Arranges for transportation and accommodation of VIP visitors
    • ·       Ensures smooth execution of Ambassador’s schedule

    Event Planning

    • ·       Assists with organizing Ambassador’s official events in coordination with Chief of Staff, DCM, Social and Cultural Office, and other event planners
    • ·       Formulate events’ guest lists for Ambassador-hosted events and manages RSVP/attendance.
    • ·       Determine event location and dress code
    • ·       Send invitations and arrange to receive visitors
    • ·       Arrange seating plan based on ranks, positions and guest relationship in coordination with Senior Protocol Officer
    • ·       Determine order of speakers (if applicable)
    • ·       Maintains continuous liaison with Residence staff for event planning and execution.

    Other Related Tasks

    • ·       Prepare, on behalf of Ambassador, birthday/ condolence notes, gifts and salutations
    • ·       Develop, in collaboration with PR & Media Relations Specialist, Ambassador's trip briefs
    • ·       Build and maintain relationships with key stakeholder secretary counterparts in order to stay apprised of significant life events (e.g., birthdays, anniversaries, etc.)
    1.     Qualifications
    • ·       Bachelor’s Degree in relevant field (e.g. Public Relations, Communications, Journalism)
    • ·       Political Science or International Affairs Studies are highly preferred
    2.     Experience
    • ·       10+ years’ experience as protocol specialist
    • ·       Proven experience in hands-on event planning and team management
    • ·       Proficiency in both Arabic and English

  • 15 Aug 2017 9:16 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    DSCA will be hiring several individuals to be part of a team within the Building Partner Capacity Directorate to help plan and design institutional capacity building components to full spectrum security cooperation.  DSCA is looking for individuals with regional and institutional capacity building expertise.  

    Announcement opened on Aug 10, 2017 and scheduled to close on Aug 18, 2017.

    The position is a Program Analyst, GS-0343-14, with a duty location in Arlington, VA.    Interested candidates are encouraged to apply by following the link below to USAJOBS:


  • 30 Jun 2017 12:18 AM | Anonymous member

    Job Title

    Specialist, Department of Defense Projects

    Organizational Unit

    IIE Organization -> IIE US -> CE, Prvt Sector & Acad Pgrms


    Full Time


    Bachelor's Degree

    Career Level



    Washington DC - Washington, DC 20005 US (Primary)

    Job Description

    The Specialist, Department of Defense Projects oversees a portfolio of Department of Defense (DoD) sponsored programs including The Language Flagship, the Boren Awards, and Project GO among others.  This is a unique opportunity to join initiatives aimed at improving the language and culture skills and knowledge of students and future military officers in US higher education and, more broadly, to transform the way Americans learn languages. The Flagship program for example, offers pathways for students of all academic majors and language levels to pursue professional level language study in nine critical languages including Arabic, Russian, and Chinese.

    The Specialist designs, develops and maintains relationships with institutional grantees, and government partners. Oversees program deliverables and milestones for DoD portfolio.  Manages communications with universities, overseas partners, other stakeholders and the sponsor. Drafts weekly ad-hoc or periodic reports, collaborating with other units as needed.  Takes a lead role in the planning and launch of new and special DoD initiatives and projects. The Specialist ensures IIE complies with DoD instructions as well as established protocol.  

    Essential Functions 

    • Liaises with sponsors, institutions, senior university officials within the DoD Program community on DoD program development, promotion, dissemination of results and best practices, problem solving, and the facilitation of a community of educators committed to the program goals. Communicates with peer POCs at the DoD for routine/daily tasks, ad hoc reports, and special client requests.
    • Coordinates and communicates with PDG team members assigned to the DoD projects to ensure deliverables are met and excellent service provided.  Designs, develops, and launches program related projects and initiatives for sponsor.    
    • Produces project reporting, gathers data from PDG, and develops presentations/reports for the client. Liaises as the lead negotiator for program scopes, budgets, and to ensure timely execution of all successful awardees, and to ensure timely execution of all contracts and sub-awards for the IIE internal Grants & Contracts unit, university program and sponsored program offices, and the sponsor’s office
    • Works with portfolio finance to monitor a segment of the DoD portfolio budgets as assigned by the Lead.    
    • Supports internal knowledge sharing practices based on project needs. Serves as daily liaison to internal PDG and IIE stakeholders. Informs, shares best practices and trains  PDG units on Advising, Outreach & Selection, Global Events & Delegation regarding DoD projects goals.

    Job Requirements

    Work Experience and Education:

    • Requires a Bachelor’s degree in order to apply a working knowledge of the theories and principles in a specialized field or work discipline.
    • Requires at least five years of related work experience.

    Other Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

    • Must have strong written and oral communication skills. 
    • Must have project management experience. 
    • Must have experience in institutional grantee management. 
    • Must have client management experience and demonstrated ability to provide excellent client reports. 
    • Basic project management financial literacy required. 
    • Must be able to manage multiple projects at the same time. 
    • Must be growth-oriented and understand IIE's lines of business. 
    • Must be able to represent IIE at external events including meeting with the client and other key stakeholders. 
    • Experience working with assigned market sector and be familiar with the regulatory environment and manage Institutional risk accordingly. 
    • Ability to influence and lead without authority.

    Work Conditions & Physical Demands:

    Essential functions are performed in a general office setting with low noise. Job demands may require long periods of sitting; telephone work and/or computer work, as well as interactions with other team members and external stakeholders. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. IIE is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or veteran status


    10 to 25%

    Click here to apply

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