Threat Finance Analyst

07 Nov 2019 1:40 PM | Anonymous member

The successful candidate will be able to conduct all-source forensic accounting analysis and production, by fusing financial / transactional data from formal banking systems, financial reports, and other forms of reporting as a layer of analysis for TOC (Transnational Organized Crime) missions.  Analyze specific foreign financial activities including threat financiers, facilitators, and financial networks / operations associated with, but not limited to, terrorism, CD, narco-terrorism, counterintelligence, insurgency, proliferation, and operational activity which threatens US national security interests and produce finished all-source analytic products that meet Tradecraft Standards.  Aggregate and fuse multi-modal transactional data and identity. Map and perform analysis of financial data from formal banking systems, financial reports, and informal transfer means of TOC (Transnational Organized Crime) entities.  Prepare and integrate financial data from all available sources including, but not limited to, SIGINT intercepts; HUMINT; Law Enforcement Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), search warrants and subpoenas; DOMEX, and shared data such as Bank Secrecy Act, formal banking system, Suspicious Activities Reports, and informal systems.  Understand payment relationships, revenue-generation, and money-laundering methods.  Apply statistical techniques including flows analysis, visualization, and geospatial analysis tools to bulk and raw transactional data of TOC (Transnational Organized Crime) actors.  Apply pattern analysis to large data sets related to TOC activities and foreign counter TOC (Transnational Organized Crime) efforts.  Apply intelligence collection requirements, essential elements of information, priority intelligence requirements, and search terms to DOMEX triage processes. Apply data engineering to interface with structured data and data forensics tools.


Required Qualifications:

·      Experience: Minimum 8 years of experience conducting analysis relevant to the specific labor category with at least a portion of the experience within the last 2 years.

·      Education: Bachelor’s degree in an area related to the labor category from a college or university accredited by an agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

·      Demonstrates comprehensive mission knowledge and skills that affirms completion of all developmental training and experiences for the labor category.

·      Demonstrates ability to communicate understanding from information that may be incomplete, indirect, highly complex, seemingly unrelated, and/or technically advanced. Demonstrates ability to structure analysis based on trends in reporting and a range of analytic perspectives from other analysts, organizations, and intelligence disciplines.

·      Demonstrates ability to work independently with minimal oversight and direction.

·      Demonstrates ability to collaborate and work with other IC members on information sharing, driving collection, and addressing analytic disputes and conflict resolution.

·      Demonstrates ability to develop concise, insightful, and comprehensive products for defense intelligence.

·      Demonstrates ability to lead teams in researching multifaceted or critical problems. Provides guidance in selecting, designing, and applying analytic methodologies. Uses argument evaluation and validated analytic methodologies to challenge differing perspectives.

·      TS/SCI Clearance w/ CI Polygraph

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