2013 NMIA Fall Symposium -Intelligence Analysis; Evolving Challenges and New Approaches" and will be held at the Secret/NOFORN level

The National Military Intelligence Association (NMIA) will hold another in our series of symposia this Fall on 19 and 20 November 2013 at Northrop Grumman Fairview Park, VA. This symposium will address"Intelligence Analysis; Evolving Challenges and New Approaches" and will be held at the Secret/NOFORN level.

A key focus of this event will be on"Identity Intelligence"; from both the offensive and defensive perspective. As you know, Identity Intelligence is NOT simply developing information on the identity of known or suspected threats to our National Security. Rather, it focuses on how you find threat individuals, groups and conventional units using a wide variety of "entity management capabilities" (biometrics, SIGINT, Cyber, open source, etc.) and how to counter adversaries from using identity intelligence techniques to counter the efforts of our own personnel, units, and operations. The intelligence analyst's world is changing and we need a new paradigm for handling the challenges involved in identity intelligence, as well as other mission objectives.

Identity Intelligence is destined to be one of the fastest growing disciplines in the Intelligence Community. NMIA is bringing together the foremost experts in this new discipline to provide the inside track on what Identity Intelligence is all about and why it is important for all career intelligence and counterintelligence professionals to have a thorough understanding of this critical, new discipline. We will be exploring analytical procedures, tradecraft, training, and technology. More information available at:http://www.nmia.org/?page=2013Fall
Defense Intelligence Forum -17 September 2013
Pulcinella Restaurant, McLean, VA
MAJGEN Michael E. Ennis, USMC (ret) will speak on "Intelligence Contributions to DIA and the Intelligence Community by the U.S. Military Liaison Mission on the Group of Soviet Forces Germany".
Please visit http://www.diaalumni.org/upcomingevents/defenseintelforum.html for registration information.
The next NortonNet luncheon will be held on 12 September at Maggiano's Little Italy in the Tyson's Galleria, check-in beginning at 1100, lunch at 1200.

Cost will be $35 payable at the door in cash or check made to Fred Harrison. Please let me know as soon as possible of your plan to attend and of guests you propose to sponsor.

Attendees seeking new positions should bring 25 copies of their resumes to the luncheon.

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