Civil Affairs Briefings and Discussion

Photo by Craig Byrnes at Freedoms Foundation entrance 11/14/2014

A Discussion on the Future from Freedoms Foundation

An enlightening conversation occurred Friday November 14, 2014 in Valley Forge, PA at the Freedoms Foundation between great panelists and an informed audience at the Civil-Military Symposium on “The Future of Civil Affairs” brought to you by FAO Association and the Civil Affairs Association.  Thank you to all who attended.  We have published the slide shows and papers presented at the symposium below.  We encourage you to discuss with those you know, as well as, to participate in the forum here on this page so there will be a greater chance at lasting, innovative change for such an important service component.   

Create Topics in regards to the slides and briefings presented at the symposium and continue discussion to foster greater cooperation and understanding of CA no matter your affiliation. Lasting dialogue will ensure the future is not a recreation of the past, but instead a fertile ground for new ways of thinking. . .


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