NortonNet is an informal professional networking group of more than 3800 members nationwide focused largely on the Intelligence and Defense communities.   Its purpose is to assist members (individual and corporate) in obtaining employment, recruitment, and business opportunities.   NortonNet holds luncheons approximately every six weeks and operates an extensive EMail network designed to bring the aforementioned opportunities and available talent to members' attention. Membership is free.

At the luncheons, in addition to networking time, each attendee gets a brief opportunity to speak to the group on any subject he or she chooses.  Check in begins at 1100, lunch at 1200.  The cost is $35 in cash or check (made to Fred Harrison) at the door. Proceedings usually conclude between 1:30 and 2:00.   The next luncheon will be held on Thursday, 12 September 2013 at Maggiano’s Little Italy in the Tysons Galleria, Tysons Corner, Virginia.

Fred Harrison BIO

Frederick Harrison is the author of six novels dealing with contemporary Intelligence challenges. He is also Director of NortonNet, a large professional networking organization focusing on the Defense and Intelligence communities. Until retiring from Government service, Mr. Harrison was a member of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Senior Intelligence Service assigned as Acting Director
of the Intelligence Systems Secretariat (ISS), co-sponsored by the Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) and the Deputy Secretary of Defense.  The ISS mission was to expand intelligence systems interoperability across the US Government.          Mr. Harrison placed particular emphasis on improving information sharing among intelligence and law enforcement agencies in the areas of counter-terrorism and counter-narcotics trafficking.  He was a senior member of the Intelligence Community Management Staff.

In earlier assignments, Mr. Harrison served as Chairman, DCI Information Handling Committee (IHC); Chairman, DCI Foreign Intelligence Priorities Committee; and as National Intelligence Tasking Officer for Warning and Crisis Management.  In service with the Office of Naval Intelligence, he was the principal developer of the Naval Ocean Surveillance Information Center, subsequently serving as its Technical Director. He is a recipient of the Edward C. Nielsen Memorial Award, given annually for the most significant contribution to Naval Intelligence. With his IHC staff, Mr. Harrison was awarded the National Security Agency's Frank B. Rowlett Trophy for "organizational excellence in information systems security." He later received the National Intelligence
Medal of Achievement in recognition of his role in creation of the Intelink automated intelligence dissemination and collaboration service. The Intelligence Systems Secretariat was awarded a National Intelligence Meritorious Unit Citation. Its achievements were also recognized by the Vice President of the United States’ Hammer Award for significant contribution to the reinvention of government.    Mr. Harrison holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Baruch College of the City University of New York. He pursued Masters and Doctoral level studies at the graduate schools of Georgetown University (Soviet Area Studies) and American University (International Relations), and is a Distinguished Graduate of the National War College. His five published novels are: An Opaque War (2007), A Course To Stay (2008), The RCI (2009), Her Eyes Were Filled With Tears (2010), and The Drone Paradigm (2012). A new novel, The Bin-Laden Prize, will be published in Fall,2013.

He can be reached at

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