FAOA Luncheon: Nationalism as An Antidote to Islamism

  • 17 Nov 2011
  • 11:30 AM - 12:59 PM
  • Ft McNair Officer's Club




Join us for our next FAOA luncheon, featuring Dr. Tristan MabryExecutive Director of the Joint Foreign Area Officer Skill Sustainment Pilot Program (JFSSPP) at the Naval Postgraduate School.  Dr. Mabry will give a brief talk on his forthcoming book proposing 'Ethnic Nationalism as An Antidote to Islamism.' and also give an update on the JFSSPP.

Dr. Mabry's book argues that the antidote to Islamic fundamentalism is ethnic nationalism.To fight Islamic fundamentalism there is little point in promotingliberal democracy without first deciding who is and is not a member of the demos.  Popular sovereignty, the foundation of political legitimacy, depends first on defining thepeople.  If people recognize each other as members of the same nation, then they constitute a demos.  When considering peoples and/or states at risk of mobilizing in support of religious fundamentalism, the best policy is to promote ethnic identity and/or nationalism as a kind of inoculation against Islamism, while promoting democracy for democracy’s sake alone may actually make things worse.


Cutoff for registration: November 10th


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