Securing the Information Domain: Cyber Threats, Concepts and Responses

  • 18 Sep 2014
  • 10:00 AM

IHS: Janes Defense & Security Intelligence Briefing 

Securing the Information Domain: Cyber Threats, Concepts and Responses

Thursday 18 September - 15:00 (UK) / 10:00 (New York)

Cyber-security is an increasing concern of and focus area for national governments, commercial enterprises-especially those in the defence, energy, financial, media, and information technologies.

The diversity, urgency and scale of the cyber-threat to these entities has grown. More disruptive and compromising cyber-attacks are being successfully executed against a broader range of targets, revealing more vulnerabilities. This continuing amplification of the cyber challenge has accelerated the offensive - defensive competition in the information domain and created a series of questions about what the future of this domain may look like for national security, defence and corporate risk planners.

However, responses are still hindered by a lack of full appreciation of the threat landscape as well as key concepts affecting the trajectory of this threat.
Despite increased focus on cyber-issues and increased media attention to cyber-attacks, the scale and intensity of the threat and understanding of key concepts affecting cyber-security remain under-developed by many government and commercial entities.

This briefing will provide an analysis of the parameters and nuances of the cyber security environment, key concepts influencing this environment and non-technical government and defence industry responses.
Specifically, IHS ' strategic level brief will include:
A strategic level overview of the active and accelerating cyber threat, including descriptions of the expanding range of actors engaged in cyber activity, targets affected and types of attacks perpetrated. This overview will include case studies of how cyber-espionage, cyber-theft, disrupted denial of service and destruction of data attacks have featured in geopolitical competitions as well as indicative case studies revealing the nature of commercial and financially-focused cyber challenges for companies and individuals

An exploration of critical concepts and tensions affecting the discussion of and planning for cyber-attacks, including persistent difficulty in defining cyber-security; the tension between increasing surveillance and free access to and use of the internet; and the tension between the growing need for collaboration on cyber issues and the need for organisations to restrict outside access to their respective networks
Analysis of the human capital and human factors challenges associated with protecting systems and networks from cyber risk

An overview of government responses in terms of spending on both defensive and, increasingly, offensive cyber capabilities, and how industry is aligning itself to meet the uptick in both commercial and government demand

Discussion of what identified cyber trends mean for the future of the cyber competition.
Speakers include: Tate Nurkin , Managing Director Consulting and Thought Leadership, IHS Aerospace, Defence and Security and Dennis Murphy , Senior Analyst, Cyberspace Operations, IHS Aerospace Defence and Security.


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