An Open Letter to Army FAOs by  GEN William E. (Kip) Ward

To the soldiers serving as foreign area officers in our Army: In today's environment, you play a critical role in the accomplishment of our Army's mission. But we, the Army, could do better to ensure that you have all the tools and skills you need to do the best job you can. We have not sufficiently leveraged your experiences … An Open Letter to Army FAOs


A Letter from RDML Venlet, Senior Navy FAO - Fellow Foreign Area Officers, Not long ago, I was asked by the Chief of Naval Personnel if I would consider changing my designator from Surface Warfare to FAO.  I eagerly accepted.  I had achieved my personal career goal of commanding a ship and was lucky to be able to do it twice.  Now, I have been given the opportunity to help Navy achieve its goals by being your senior representative and promoting international cooperation and engagement around the world - an honor, and a responsibility I take most seriously…. A Letter from RDML Venlet, Senior Navy FAO


On behalf of the FAOA Board of Governors, I want to thank you for being a part of the Foreign Area Officer Association professional community.  If you were with us for the FAO Association’s recent Distinguished Speaker Luncheon on June 26, I think you will agree it was a success and featured excellent guest speakers.If you were not able to make it this year, we do hope you can join us next year.

“Building Partnership Capacity through Foreign Military Advising:  the Ground and Air Perspectives”


Featured Speakers


Major Scot McLearn, USA, will speak to the role of the 162nd Infantry Brigade in providing Army Advisor, Combat, and Security Force Assistance Skills to provide Army and Joint Force Commanders with trained personnel and units to build partner nation  security capacity.
Colonel John “Oly” Holm, USAF, Commandant of the US Air Force Air Advisor Academy (AAA), will brief on the mission of the AAA in providing preparatory training to USAF’s air advisors, Airmen applying specialized aviation expertise to assess, train, advise, assist and equip foreign personnel in the development and application of aviation resources to meet that nation's security and defense needs in support of U.S. interests.


Colonel Holm bio


Air Advisor Memorial Fund


162d Infantry Bgde

AAA MTT Mission Brief


Many Thanks to the event's Corporate Sponsors:

Again, thank you for being a member or friend of the FAO Association and be sure to visit our events page as we have several coming up.

Warm regards,


KURT M. MARISA, Colonel, USAF (ret.)

President, FAO Association


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