Foreign Engagement & Global Coverage under the New Defense Strategy: 
FAOs, Security Cooperation, and the Defense Attaché System

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18 September 2012

0745-0800 Welcome: LTG James A. Williams, USA (Ret.), Chairman of the Board, NMIA
MG Edward Leacock, ANG, Mobilization Assistant to the Director, DIA/ TASC

0800-0845 Accelerating Change – Today’s Defense Intelligence Imperative
LTG Michael T. Flynn, USA, Director, Defense Intelligence Agency

0845-0930 Defense Attaché System (DAS) Overview & Attaché System “Forward”
RADM Bradley R. Gehrke, USN, Director, Defense Counterintelligence and HUMINT Center
Former Defense Attaché (DATT) to China

0930-1015 Role of Security Cooperation in Foreign Engagement & Building Partner Capacities
Mr. Richard Genaille, Deputy Director, Defense Security Cooperation Agency

1110-1200 DAS Current Operations Update and Role in Global Coverage
Mr. Jeffrey Jore, SIO, DXA-5 Latin America Division

1345-1430 Foreign Language Skills and Area Knowledge in Defense Intelligence
Mr. Glenn Nordin, Foreign Language and Area Advisor, OUSD(I)

1430-1510 SOF Foreign Engagement, Global Coverage and Stability Operations Through Aerial Terrain
Mapping Partnerships
Christopher Tucker, Army Geospatial Center/Hector Cuevas, CW4, USA (ret.), Special Operations
Command Africa (SOCAF)

1530-1650 Service FAO Proponent Panel:
Service Paths to Common Goals of Language, Region & Cultural Expertise
USN FAO Proponent: CAPT (Sel) Elizabeth A. Thomas, USN, Chief

19 September 2012

0815-0830 Administrative Remarks/FAO Association Update: Kurt Marisa, Col, USAF (Ret), FAOA President

0830-0910 Strategic Intelligence Global Coverage and Partner Engagement: The National Perspective
MajGen Richard Lake, USMC, Deputy Director of the National Clandestine Service for Community

1130-1215 Interagency/Country Team Perspective: Dept of State POLAD Program
Ambassador Asif Chaudhry, Foreign Policy Advisor to the Chief of Naval Operations

1300-1330 SDO/DATT & DAO/SCO Cooperation and Integration Policy and Vision
Mr. Roman Hrycaj, Col, USAF (Ret), OUSD(I) – HUMINT 
1330-1400 Graduate-level and Advanced Joint FAO Education and FAO Web Update
Mr. James Howard, Joint FAO Program, Department of National Security Affairs Naval Post Graduate School (NPS)

1400-1430 National Guard Bureau (NGB) State Partnership Program (SPP)
COL Tracy Settle, ARNG, Chief, International Engagements NGB J533/SPP Director

1430-1510 Security Cooperation and the Combatant Commands: Joint Chiefs of Staff Partnership Strategy
Brig Gen Maryanne Miller, USAF, Joint Chiefs of Staff/Deputy Director for Partnership Strategy

1530-1615 Combatant Command Perspective: USCENTCOM Area of Operation
Mr. Jack Dees, Chief, Security Cooperation Division (CCJ5-SC)

1615-1650 Implications of the Establishment of the Defense Clandestine Service
Deputy Director, Defense Clandestine Service

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