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Past events

22 Jul 2021 “FAOA ON TAP” with special guest, Ms. Heidi H. Grant, the new Director of the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA)
25 Sep 2020 25th Anniversary FAOA Black Tie Dinner with Keynote Speaker, LTG Robert P. Ashley, USA, DIA Director
12 Feb 2020 FAO Association “FAOs ON TAP” with the DLI-Washington language students
09 Jan 2020 FAOA Distinguished Speaker Luncheon: Cara Abercrombie | President of the DSCU
22 Nov 2019 FAOs on Tap Happy Hour | Pentagon City
23 Oct 2019 Context is Everything Series: Arctic Dynamics, Challenges, and Opportunities
27 Aug 2019 FAOA Networking Event in Old Town!
17 Jul 2019 USMC Embassy Security Guard Detachment Commanders Reception
24 Jun 2019 FAOA Distinguished Luncheon | Rear Admiral Francis D. Morley (Navy IPO)
19 Jun 2019 FAOs on Tap - Monterey!
10 Jun 2019 FAO Association Development Campaign
28 May 2019 "FAOs on Tap Happy Hour" - May 28, 2019 | Pentagon City
24 Apr 2019 FAOA Distinguished Speaker Luncheon - Sponsored by BELL & Boeing
01 Apr 2019 FAOA Distinguished Speaker Luncheon - Sponsored by BELL & Culmen International
08 Feb 2019 FAOA Networking Event
15 Jan 2019 EVENT: Pub on Cannery Row! (Monterey, CA)
18 Dec 2018 FAOA Holiday Event
20 Nov 2018 FAO Association Wine and Cigar Networking Evening
18 Oct 2018 Distinguished Speaker Luncheon
06 Sep 2018 Distinguished Speaker Luncheon
11 Jul 2018 USMC Embassy Guard Detachment Commander Reception 2018
03 May 2018 FAOA Banquet with Keynote Speaker Lieutenant General Charles Hooper, Director, DSCA
22 Feb 2018 Distinguished Speaker Luncheon: DSCA and OSD Experts Discuss Security Cooperation Enterprise Reform and the FAO Community
26 Jan 2018 Distinguished Speaker Luncheon with Dr. R. Evan Ellis. Dr. Ellis, research professor in Latin American Studies, U.S. Army War College Strategic Studies Institute
14 Dec 2017 Distinguished Speaker Luncheon and Book Signing with MAJ (ret) Jason Howk
11 Oct 2017 Distinguished Speaker Luncheon with RADM Paul Becker, USN (RET), Presidential Transition Intelligence Community Landing Team
05 Oct 2017 JMAS Reception
21 Sep 2017 MVTP Norfolk - Military Veteran Transition Playbook
31 Aug 2017 FAOA Happy Hour and Book Signing
12 Jul 2017 USMC Embassy Guard Detachment Commander Reception 2017
20 Jun 2017 "FAOs on Tap" International Affairs Happy Hour in Monterey
27 Apr 2017 Distinguished Speaker Luncheon with Dr. Omer Taspinar, Professor of National Security Strategy at the National War College and Director of the Turkey Project at the Brookings Institution
23 Mar 2017 Distinguished Speaker Luncheon with Mr. Hunter Lutinski, J2-5 of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency
12 Dec 2016 FAOA on Tap HAPPY HOUR
08 Dec 2016 Distinguished Speakers Luncheon: Gen (ret) Michael V. Hayden, USAF
21 Oct 2016 Distinguished Speaker Luncheon with Dr. Michael Nugent, Director, Defense Language and National Security Education Office
06 Oct 2016 JMAS Reception
15 Sep 2016 Cuba Night - Presented by DACOR & FAOA
13 Jul 2016 Diplomatic Style Reception in Honor of the Marine Embassy Security Guard (MSG) Detachment Commander's Class
16 Jun 2016 Joint Military Attaché School (JMAS) class Diplomatic-style reception hosted by FAOA and DACOR (Diplomatic and Consular Officers Retired)
07 Jun 2016 "FAOs on Tap" International Affairs Happy Hour in Monterey
28 Apr 2016 FAOA Distinguished Speaker Breakfast with Russell J. Frasz
17 Mar 2016 FAOA St. Patrick’s Day Distinguished Speaker Event
25 Feb 2016 Joint Military Attaché School (JMAS) class Diplomatic-style reception hosted by FAOA and DACOR (Diplomatic and Consular Officers Retired)
10 Feb 2016 International Business Reception and Networking Event
26 Jan 2016 "FAOs on Tap" in Monterey Happy Hour
20 Jan 2016 Distinguished Speaker Series and Book Signing - Douglas Waller
10 Dec 2015 FAOA Distinguished Speaker Event - Ambassador C. Steven McGann
22 Oct 2015 FAOA Black Tie 2015
08 Oct 2015 "FAOs on TAP" pre-Columbus Day Oktoberfest Happy Hour
09 Jul 2015 Special opportunity to attend a luncheon during the second day of the Tai Initiative's 3rd Annual Conference on US-China subnational relations
08 Jul 2015 Diplomatic Style Reception in Honor of the Marine Security Guard (MSG) Detachment Commander's Class
19 Jun 2015 SUMMER GALA AT THE EMBASSY OF AUSTRIA: “A Night in Vienna”
18 Jun 2015 FAOA/DACOR Diplomatic Reception in Honor of the new Attaché Training Program class
09 Jun 2015 "FAOs on Tap" in Monterey Happy Hour
03 Jun 2015 “FAOs on Tap” Networking Happy Hour (AFRICA)
01 Jun 2015 The Asia Society Texas Center presents “ISIS Implications in Asia: A Discussion with Jessica Lewis McFate.”
22 May 2015 FAOA Distinguished Speaker Event – RDML Todd J. Squire
21 May 2015 The Time is Now. Taking Action, Making Decisions the FAO Way - Beyond Crisis Management in the Middle East | Thurs, 21 May from 1400-1900 | The Institute of World Politics (Washington D.C.)
22 Apr 2015 “FAOs on Tap” (Near East Region)
25 Mar 2015 “FAOs on Tap” Networking Happy Hour, Latin America
11 Mar 2015 FAOA Distinguished Speaker & Reception Event – BG (Ret) Peter Zwack, former Defense Attaché (DATT) to Russia
26 Feb 2015 FAOA/DACOR Joint Reception in Honor of the new Attache Training Program class.
15 Feb 2015 West Point Salutes the Spirit of '45 in Concert (Alexandria)
14 Feb 2015 West Point Salutes the Spirit of ’45 in Concert (Philadelphia)
22 Jan 2015 FAOA Distinguished Speaker Event- Ms. Beth McCormick, the new director of the Defense Technology Security Administration (DTSA).
12 Dec 2014 FAOA Distinguished Speaker Event – BG (Ret) Ismael Alsodani
14 Nov 2014 Civil-Military Symposium and Call for Papers on “The Future of Civil Affairs”
13 Nov 2014 Global SOF Foundation and FAO Association-National Capital Region Reception
05 Nov 2014 National Military Intelligence Association - 2014 Fall Symposium - Intelligence Analysis in the 21st Century – Tools, Tradecraft and Challenges
25 Oct 2014 Teaching About Israel and Palestine
20 Oct 2014 3rd Annual SOF Symposium
19 Oct 2014 Battle of First Manassas Staff Ride
18 Sep 2014 Securing the Information Domain: Cyber Threats, Concepts and Responses
17 Sep 2014 EAR & ITAR BOOT CAMP
15 Sep 2014 "FAOs on TAP" Networking Happy Hour in Stuttgart, Germany
10 Sep 2014 "FAOs ON TAP" - INTERNATIONAL ENERGY SECURITY Networking Happy Hour–-from the Foreign Area Officer Association (FAOA) -- Wednesday, 10 September 2014
28 Aug 2014 GLOBAL SOF FOUNDATION: GSF Happy Hour in Honor of the the USSOCOM Change of Command
20 Aug 2014 AFPAK – FAOA Networking Happy Hour-- Foreign Area Officer Association “FAOs on Tap”, Wednesday, 20 August 2014
19 Jul 2014 Military Veterans Transition Seminar: The Transition Timeline "WHEN" & The Transition Plan "WHO"
16 Jul 2014 FAO Association “FAOs on Tap” Networking Happy Hour! AFRICA
16 Jul 2014 447H - Webinar Featuring Eric L. Hirschhorn, Under Secretary of the U.S. Commerce, BIS
05 Jul 2014 20th Annual Military Appreciation Night ARMED FORCES CHARITY POLO MATCH
03 Jul 2014 IHS Quick Response Analysis Webinar Series
02 Jul 2014 IHS Country Risk webcast | Iraq: Redrawing Boundaries
25 Jun 2014 Pan Am in Africa 1941 WWII Lecture – Tom Culbert
25 Jun 2014 Online Webinar: Introduction to ITAR
29 May 2014 FAOA Annual Black Tie Dinner - Register Today!
18 May 2014 NMIA - NMIF 2014 Intelligence Awards Banquet
07 May 2014 “FAOs on Tap” Networking Happy Hour!
13 Mar 2014 FAO Association Distinguished Speaker Luncheon with CIA Director, John Brennan
26 Feb 2014 “FAOs on Tap” Networking Happy Hour!
26 Jan 2014 NMIA - NMIF 2014 Winter Social
12 Dec 2013 FAO Distinguished Speaker Breakfast
21 Nov 2013 What's Next For International Military Sales?
19 Nov 2013 2013 NMIA Fall Symposium -Intelligence Analysis; Evolving Challenges and New Approaches
14 Nov 2013 Civil Affairs Roundtable XIX: Military Support to Peacebuilding
01 Nov 2013 Civil-Military Symposium: Military Support to Conflict Prevention and Annual Civil Affairs Association Banquet
28 Oct 2013 The Airmen & the Headhunters A True Story of Lost Soldiers, Heroic Tribesmen and the Unlikeliest Rescue of World War II
10 Oct 2013 Coalition Interoperability Breakfast Event (speaker and panel)
19 Sep 2013 “FAOA Oktoberfest and Book Signing Event” Networking Happy Hour
17 Sep 2013 Defense Intelligence Forum
12 Sep 2013 NortonNet Luncheon
26 Jun 2013 FAOA Luncheon: “Building Partnership Capacity through Foreign Military Advising: the Ground and Air Perspective”
25 Apr 2013 FAOA Annual Black Tie Dinner
22 Mar 2013 FAOA on Tap, Following CART XVII
22 Mar 2013 Register Online: Civil Affairs Roundtable – Foreign Area Engagement Teaming
14 Feb 2013 FAOA Luncheon: "Defense Export Reform and the Future of Foreign Military Sales (FMS)"
17 Jan 2013 FAOs on Tap Happy Hour - featuring the National Language Service Corps (NLSC)
29 Nov 2012 FAOA Luncheon: Special Operations Forces: Foreign Engagement and Building Partner Capacity
24 Oct 2012 NMIA Reception
18 Sep 2012 Foreign Engagement and Global Coverage under the New Defense Plan: FAOs, Security Cooperation, and the Defense Attaché System
11 Sep 2012 National Book Launch: "In the Shadow of Greatness"
28 Jul 2012 Cool Collectables from the "Hot" Cold War
16 Jul 2012 Syria: What Lies Ahead
21 Jun 2012 FAOA on Tap "Happy Hour" with book signing by Douglas Waller, author of "Wild Bill Donovan"
21 Mar 2012 2012 National Intelligence Symposium
16 Feb 2012 FAOA Luncheon: Political Military Affairs Implications of U.S. Defense Strategy 2012
01 Dec 2011 DIA Conference: U.S. Interagency Intelligence Partnerships Supporting Future Military Contingencies
30 Nov 2011 NMIA Fall Symposium - Intelligence / Information For Small Unit Operations
17 Nov 2011 FAOA Luncheon: Nationalism as An Antidote to Islamism
13 Sep 2011 "Ten Years Later: Insights on al-Qaeda's Past & Future through Captured Records"
12 Sep 2011 DACOR-DIAA Forum: Islamic Doctrine of Shariah
08 Sep 2011 FAOA on Tap
10 Aug 2011 Conference: Intelligence Electronic Warfare (EW) Operations: Bringing Congruency to the EW Enterprise
26 May 2011 FAOA 2011 Annual Black Tie Dinner
19 May 2011 DEFENSE INTELLIGENCE FORUM: Brazil and US National Security
18 Apr 2011 President’s Round Table discussion of the Political Military Action Team (PMAT)
14 Apr 2011 FAOA Luncheon
11 Apr 2011 "Militant Islamist Ideology: Understanding the Global Threat" by author CDR Youssef Aboul-enien
11 Apr 2011 Naval Academy Foreign Affairs Conference (NAFAC)
07 Apr 2011 FAO Conference 2011
17 Mar 2011 UN Peacekeeping in Africa: Conflict, Missions, and Contributions
19 Feb 2011 Behind the Scenes of Israel’s Counter Terrorism and Security Operations
10 Feb 2011 FAOA Luncheon: Dr. Soner Cagaptay, Senior Fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy and Director, Turkish Research Program
10 Feb 2011 Shakespeare Theatre Company: The Great Game - Afghanistan
20 Jan 2011 Mexican Drug Wars: A Practitioner’s Perspective
05 Dec 2010 Tribute Dinner Honoring LTG James A. Willilams
09 Nov 2010 Sandow Birk: “American Quran”
05 Nov 2010 FAOA Luncheon: BG Robert Carr, USA on "FAOs and the Defense Attache System"
20 Oct 2010 CNAS Event: The Future of U.S.-India Relations
12 Oct 2010 2010 Fall National Intelligence Symposium
07 Oct 2010 Dr. Lawrence Rosen: “The Self in Arab Culture”
02 Oct 2010 OSS Society: William J. Donovan Award Dinner honoring Ross Perot
29 Sep 2010 Al Jazeera English presents: Reporting from the Frontlines
29 Sep 2010 President Jimmy Carter Reflects Upon His Days as an Incumbent
29 Sep 2010 Envisioning the Two-State Solution: Young Political Leaders from Israel and Palestine
22 Sep 2010 Dr. Abdulrahman al-Salimi: “Pluralism in Contemporary Islam”
22 Sep 2010 Defense Intelligence Forum: China's Intelligence Operations
09 Sep 2010 Dr. Jytte Clausen: “The Cartoons that Shook the World”
09 Sep 2010 Col. Brice Houdet, French Military Attaché on The French Foreign Legion
08 Sep 2010 National Intelligence Forum Lecture Series: Comparative Intelligence Analysis
26 Aug 2010 FAOA Luncheon
26 Aug 2010 DEFENSE INTELLIGENCE FORUM: Mr. Daniel J. Kostecka on China's Maritime Strategy
22 Jun 2010 Defense Intelligence Forum with Allen L. Keiswetter: Political Islam
20 May 2010 FAOA 2010 Annual Black Tie Dinner
20 Apr 2010 Defense Intelligence Forum with Colonel Mark Wilkins: Latin American Security Issues
08 Apr 2010 The 4th Annual FAO Conference
24 Mar 2010 DIAA Luncheon with Col William David: "The Future Use of UAVs and the Future Outlook for Defense Intelligence"
17 Mar 2010 NMIA 2010 Spring Symposium
12 Mar 2010 DACOR & FAOA Forum with Ambassador William Milam - Pakistan Today: Cooperation with the US and Relations with India
23 Feb 2010 Defense Intelligence Forum with Dr Jon Wiant: Imaginative Writing -- The World of Fabricating Intelligence
26 Jan 2010 Defense Intelligence Forum with John Moore
25 Jan 2010 Dinner Committee Meeting
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