The Foreign Area Officer Association is excited to announce that all votes have been validated and counted, and the below 9 have been elected or re-elected to serve on the FAOA Board of Governors from 2008-2011. Please welcome us in congratulating these members to serve on the new Board of Governors for www.FAOA.org (p.s. yes, you can join the association!) 

Lauren Serrano 

Joseph Rank 

Robert Timm 

John Haseman 

Daniel Paul Brownlee 

Jeff Hoffmann 

Mark B Chakwin 

Graham Plaster 

Kurt M. Marisa

Ex Officio Board Members

Michael Ferguson, Colonel, USA (ret.), President Emeritus

Service FAO Proponents Members

Army:  COL Eric Larson

Navy:  CDR David Wilcox

Air Force:  COL Daniel Grillone

Marines:  LTC Alexandra Nielse

FAOA Committee Chairpersons

Journal Content Editor and Chairman of the Editorial Board:  John Haseman

Events Committee and Chairman of the Journal Book Review Group:  

Awards and Scholarships Co-Chairpersons:    Kurt Marisa

Membership and Sponsorship Co-Chairmen:   Kurt Marisa

Chapters and Outreach Co-Chairmen: Kurt Marisa

FAOA rep to the Monterey “FAO Foundry” (DLI and NPS):  Mark Chakwin, COL, USA (ret.)

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